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Long days on your feet demand socks that are designed to go the distance. Our Never Give Up compression socks not only look great but were designed to go the distance with 8-15mm/gh lightweight gradient compression and a comfort toe seam that prevents bunching. Antimicrobial odor-resistant fabric helps block sweat and odor to help you stay cool and dry all shift long. Bottom sole features a motivational reminder that like you these socks “Never Give Up”. •HGNG-Heather Grey

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Scrubs Help Identify Potential Contaminants

Scrubs are great for helping medical professionals identify contaminants and bodily waste such as vomit, stool, urine, blood and other fluids or chemicals.

Depending on the healthcare facility a nurse works for they may be required to wear solid color scrubs such as white or blue, however there are facilities that have less stringent polices that allow nurses to wear various colors and patterns.

Scrubs Are Cleaner Than Regular Clothing

Given the fact that some healthcare facilities clean their nurses scrubs it is likely that the scrubs will be cleaner than a nurses own personal clothing and because they are cleaned at the facility it can be almost guaranteed that the nurses outfits are cleaned and not re-worn without being washed, which helps ensure that the nurses aren’t carrying around potential germs or contaminants on their clothing.

This helps minimize the opportunists for both nurses and patients to give each other germs that may otherwise be carried from person to person.


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